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Scuba equipment forms a life support system. In addition to the proper cleaning and storage suggested by all manufacturer's, it is extremely important to have your equipment serviced annually to insure that it works correctly on all of your dives.

Remember that an annual service keeps your manufacturer's warranty valid, maintains your parts-for-life (if qualified) and makes your diving as safe as possible.

Function Testing and Service

Quick Check - Performed on equipment that was recently serviced to insure that everything is working properly. Includes testing of major functions of regulators and BCDs to insure they continue to meet manufacturer's specs and submersion testing to detect air leaks.

Performance Testing - Performed on equipment that is in excellent condition and is still within the manufacturer's required service interval. Includes pre-testing evaluation, basic cleaning, needed adjustments to meet manufacturer specs and submersion testing to detect air leaks.

Annual Service - Consists of service evaluation, complete disassembly, cleaning and rebuild according to manufacturer specifications using appropriate service part kits. All equipment is adjusted to within the required specifications and submersion tested to detect air leaks.

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding service intervals or more information on care and service. Turnaround time is usually 14 days from date of receipt as long as no major problems are encountered. Rush orders can be done on a case by case basis.

Dolphin Scuba Center services most major brands of equipment, if you have any questions, please call the store 1-800-4DOLPHIN or 916-929-8188. Send an e-mail to the service department at

Repair Price List

Regulator Labor Rate
Regulator Quick Check $15
Performance Check $55
Annual Service with Octopus $80
Annual Service without Octopus $60
Annual Service 1st or 2nd Stage $30
Regulator Oxygen Cleaning $50
Submersible Systems SpairAir $115
Buoyance Compensator Labor Rate
BCD Quick Check $10
BCD Performance Check $30
Annual Service with
Standard Inflator
Annual Service with Aqua Lung
with I3 Inflator
Annual Service with
Intergrated Alternate Regulator
Dive Computer & Watch Repaires Labor Rate
Dive Computer Battery Change $15
Dive Watch/Computer Battery Change with Pressure Test $40
Suunto D-Series Computer Battery Replacement $60
Suunto Transmitter/Tank Pod $55
Suunto D Series 2 Year/200 Dive Outside Service $150
Suunto Spyder/Stinger/Mosquito $135
St. Moriz Watch - 2 Year Service and Battery Change $55

(Dolphin is a certified Suunto Level 1 Service Center.)

Tanks Labor Rate
Visual Inspection $20
Visual Inspection with Eddy Current Testing (VIP+) $25
Cylinder Rolling And Cleaning $30
Hydro-Static Testing $55
Hydro-Static Testing (Tanks older than 1989) $60
Hydro-Static Testing for Paint Ball Tanks $70
Oxygen Clean Cylinder $60
Tank Value Rebuild $40
Disassemble and Assemble Double Tanks $25
Dry Suits Labor Rate
Pressure Testing with minor repairs $35
DUI Pressure Test $125
Dry Suit Patches - Each $20
Wrist Seal Replacement - Each $20
Neck Seal Replacement $55
Ankle Seal Replacement - Each $20
Latex Sock Replacement - Each $20
Corrective Mask Lenses Labor Rate
Custom Single Vision
Masks Lenses and Installation
Custom Bi-Focal Vision
Lenses and Installation
Labor by the Hour is billed at $50